Solfege Hand Signs Printable

Solfege Hand Signs Printable
Solfege Town A New Approach to Solfege

Adam Cole
Nuncici Press 2010

ISBN 978-1-60145-978-7

any means, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise, “Solfege Town” is a Registerates of America., Inc.

Chapter Two Appendix 1 – Songs Written Especially for

39ongs ..49Introduction than 100 years, the Solfegesyllables and accompanying Cu is a sequence of music activities that go beyond this goal, actually moving the student do, re, mi, fa, so, la

Around 1850, an English NonconfCurwen borrowed from Glover and others to crhand-signs are still used today, mostograms such as the Kodaly Solfege Town resolveAdam Cole

are lined up vertically with close relationship.

Passing tones are grouped in several smaller diagonals.

visually represents the function of the note.

, they are also memorizing its

is a terrific aid to comprehension as well as memorization of the Solfege syllables.

Even more importantly, it will attract students who are visually based and those who sic educators may have lost these

the art and language teachers.

will give these This book contains a complete tour of consecutive lessons, over the course of a yearintroduced.

Solfege Town

Chloe, first gradethis reason, we start with the note they will be able to use most easily:

engages students excitement and curiosity as they learn where to go from

But first things first: What to tell the kids: This is bus station.

But you go to the bus station because you want to get somewhere.

You can get

Next time we’ll learn some plto remember that Solfege Town For the teacher:composed with just the dominant suggests more to come.

We begin right off with the idea that music is

a bus, we prepare students for the idea that .

The dominant is special in that, like a queen in chess, it can resolve its movement in any direction with equal effectiveness.

Finally, by starting with a bus-station in a tofunction, like people in a family or a,” but included in this text is a song-

It’s a poor relative of the Hokey Pokey called “Sokey Pokey.”

while they are Adam Cole the So-circle, the members of a class perform one-at-a-time around a standing circle, with each tening skills, improvisation, and ensemble etiquette.

Students will stand in a circle faciperson will have a chance to do something by embarrassed and may lose their focus, causing them to make mistakestell for sure which of these someone is doing.

One good way to explain this to the students isthey’re talking silly on purpose and we might want to After instilling this cardinal rule, the teacherSolfege Town

Now the teacher tells the students, “In bet Students: “ Teacher “So so so so!”

The teacher tells the students that, in between

There are several important thi1) To reiterate the cardinal rule:

Becaus anyone else
Solfege & Hand Signs
Solfège and Hand Signs Solfège is a system designed to match notes on the staff with specific interval relationships. Hand signs provide additional reinforcement of (
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Solfege Town is a remarkable new way to teach the familiar Solfege music syllables, do re mi fa so la ti, ... hand-signs are still used today, ... (
Introduction To Music Unit For Grades 3-5 - Classics For Kids
with solfege syllables and hand signs together. [If desired, learn to play “Twinkle” in C Major on the recorder or pitched mallet instruments.] 2. (

If someone decides to laugh 2) No one has to perform perfectly.

Each apping rhythm and on to the next person.

Just as we keep ment to allow a st3) Everybody takes a turn.

If a student decides make a joke by being intentionally silly, giveindividual might feel to be perfect.

Adam Cole ild will be attempting to replicate the same participants.

Students will not in a heightened state of awareness while By insisting that the students are respec essential if we want to make any kind of what we’re doing.

By not asking for, or expecting perfection might think we are encouraging sloppiness or letting something go unlearned.

But when we messing up that they choose to remain silent, or up, are still benefiting.

then the game continues easily, and they will still have a chance to pattern correctly.

In this forgiving environment, everyone focuses on


And not just any melody, but e ones.

Choosing the What to tell the kids:

is “the school.”

It’s one of the places you can go on the bus from so.

It goes here:

Adam Cole 11

Let’s pretend we just got to , to the school,

When we take the bus to school, we go from to mi.

sing and hand-si&#x a00;&#x you’re at school, you Solfege TownFor the teacher: , when heard in context with hen we use these two notes in a song without any other notes, we generally assume they are

gives us information, and so While very few actual songs consist terval of a minor third with something more Solfege Town 12

The most familiar use of so-mi will be in the child’s chant “Rain, rain, go away,” which so, mi, so-so, mivariant that really does use just the two notes is the United States folk song “Charlie Over the Water.”

Also, the words to the wishing game “Sta “This Old Man” is doubly useful as a famthird-graders are not above playing

of the notes and signs.

For so mi so, so mi so lend themselves well to “musical conversations” in which the teacher sings a

“Hello, every-bo-dy.”
so so

mi mi



so so

mi roll) &# Cole 13 ly to teach the new mi,and “quietest” claimed by different members of the class.

sting possibilities for our So-circle.

If we ” of course, but we can also create combinations like “mi so so mi If we’re interested in furthering the children’s’ improvisatory skills, we can offer them a ‘so mi so mi’‘so so mi mi.’” ttern each for the group to try.

Or (heaven

If we decide to be so brave, we should alwaing challenged by the basic exercise to stay in the ensemble

Of course, if we open the game up to improvisat.

Whatever we decide to do, this five-minute Solfege Town 14 sure to this note-pairing.

With twenty-oncept of the two notes firmly established with a Adam Cole 15 Sydney, first grade.
Solfege 26 hand signs
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